A home is more than a structure. It’s a vessel containing precious memories. Our homes are the places we grow babies, flowers, and gratitude.  They are the walls where arguments over laundry and dishes happen, brothers and sisters become best friends, pennies are counted, and big dreams are dreamt.

A home gives us roots. Even when we’ve left the walls that hold our most sacred times, our houses never stop being our home.  So now when our journey takes us someplace new, there is a way to celebrate the four walls that mean so much to us.


You see, my husband and I bought our first home a few years prior to welcoming our first, sweet baby.  As we prepared to become parents, I realized the worth of where we lay our souls to rest. Our home is our safe haven, a place where no pants or bras are welcomed, but a smile is always worn.  It’s a refuge from long work days and a simple place to call our own. It is here our dreams of starting a family began, and it is this home we made ready to welcome the greatest of all our accomplishments - becoming parents. It’s where two happy children learn about life, and two parents show their children all they can.

What I’m trying to say is this: homes become as much a part of the family as...well, anyone in the family. That’s why we’ve created an affordable option to preserving our loved and lived in abodes.  While we may not always dwell there, we can bring a piece of it with us.