The Five Affirmations Your Morning Routine Needs


There is a reason so many thought leaders around the world preach the message of “conquering your morning.” Morning routines help us generate the energy we want to have for the rest of the day. We are the most productive after sleep, so I think it's really important we harness all of the natural power we have at the beginning of the day for our benefit.

One of my favorite practices in my morning routine are affirmations. Affirmations are short declarations you repeat to yourself. For me they were crucial for getting rid of negative self talk and replacing it with empowering self talk. Affirmations help bring into your life what you want to see. While we live in the physical world, so much of our experience is crafted by our judgements, emotions, and thoughts - so let’s set them up to be as positive as possible. Yes?!

Here are my five must have affirmations for morning routines:

  1. I let go of yesterday and fully embrace all the joy and abundance today will bring.

  2. I am the greatest mom in the world. I love fully, nurture wisely, and have patience.

  3. I am bursting with unconditional love. It surrounds me and protects me.

  4. I am doing my best and my best is perfect.

  5. I am safe and all of life supports me.

Affirmations are best said out loud, but you can totally record them on your phone and have them play over and over as you are preparing breakfast or getting ready for the day. Pick out a few instrumental songs that get you really amped up and play them in the background. You can either let the length of the song determine how long you say your affirmations or you can wait until you feel ready. For me, this feeling presents itself in my chest and it feels like I’m bursting with joy, almost in tears, and so ready to be my best self.