Raise Your Vibes


Wake up in a funk? I’ve totally been there. You’re not quite sure what feels off, but you can feel it. My favorite exercise to help get out of a funk is called “raise your vibes.” And it’s exactly what you think.

The purpose of raising your vibes is to elevate your mind to a different perspective. Raising our vibes is shifting our minds out of a funk and into joy. The hardest part about the exercise is doing it, because when our minds are feeling stuck it’s easier to stay in the rut than pull ourselves out of it.

Remind yourself why high vibes will serve you

Ain’t nobody got time for feeling icky, stuck, or in a funk. But - when we are feeling that way, it can be easy to want to dwell there. When this happens, remind yourself why changing your perspective and raising your vibes would be beneficial. I have a reminder list on my desk for this purpose. It says “when you are stuck remember…” and lists all the good things I will allow into my life by getting myself unstuck and out of the funk. These are things like vacations I can take my family on, health foods I can prepare, people I can help, and the education I can give my children. These things may not excite you the way they excite me, and that is okay! Make a list that is tailored to what excites you. If you don’t know what excites you, I recommend a journaling practice where you outline what your perfect day looks like and explore what you write as the things that excite you.

Do what feels good

Easiest way to raise your vibes? Do something that makes you laugh, that makes you feel free, or that inspires you. For me things like going for a walk, listening to my “commit to joy” playlist on Spotify, or reading powerful quotes from my quote book immediately pull me out from a funk and raise my vibes. They make me feel fired up for the day and send a jolt of excitement right through my heart. What makes you feel good? Do those things.

If you don’t know what makes you feel good, I recommend moving your body. Not only is bodily movement great for us physically, it also increases dopamine which is a feel good hormone!

Allow yourself to hold onto feeling good

Motherhood and martyrdom get mixed up a lot, bu I’ll give you the cliff notes version: Martyrdom does not belong in motherhood, you do not need to drain yourself or suffer to be a good mom. Say goodbye to feeling like you can’t enjoy yourself unless you are doing something for your children. It’s not productive. It’s not a healthy belief system. Instead, welcome the good feelings you brought in step two. Let those good feels make a home in your mind and body. Generate those feelings and use them to create and act from.

You deserve to live a happy life. Raising your vibes creates positivity, and positivity is essential to the vibrant life.