Crafting Joy: Polaroid DIY


Have you ever walked into a room and felt immediately at peace? Or excited? Or like you’re home? What do you think it was about those spaces that made you feel that way?

Creating a high vibrational home, crafting joy, and allowing those feelings to seep into yourself are so important to living a fulfilled life. If we never take the time to create what we love, the things that make us feel good — are we really living?

This Crafting Joy series came from my desire to teach you how to create joy in your everyday life, to make your space as high vibe as possible so you are living and breathing all the things that make you feel good.

While I believe creating high vibes are dependent upon who you are and what lights you up, I also believe surrounding ourselves with beautiful images is universally a way to build joy and happiness. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing how to make your own DIY Polaroid String of Lights (no polaroid camera needed), and I’m also sharing a preset I made to edit my photos in Lightroom!

IMG_7223January 26.jpg

I love any craft that uses the things I already have in my home, which is why this Polaroid DIY is perfect. It’s super simple, and we absolutely adore hanging out favorite memories where we see them every day.

Polaroid DIY:

Select 15-20 photographs that fill you up. When you print your photographs, make sure they are edited to be a square (you can do it on Lightroom or just in any photo editing app). Print your photographs at 25% scale (this is what worked for my Mac, but you may have to play around with yours).

Cut off the top portion of white above your photos with scissors, and leave a larger margin on the bottom, giving the appearance of a Polaroid picture.


Creating high vibrational homes and crafting joy does not need to be expensive. Get your children involved in the environment they live in and let them select a few photographs. I promise you taking 20 minutes to complete this picture is well worth it, but seeing your babes point to pictures of themselves and say REMEMBER or MOOOOMM, is the cherry on top!