Crafting Joy: Detox Bath


Self-care doesn’t need to be fancy to feel luxurious! I think we get caught up when we see gorgeous pictures of infinity pools and mimosa bars and think self-care is something it isn’t. Self-care isn’t just a vacation. Our lives were not meant to work until exhaustion and then take a break! We were made to enjoy each day and fully live it.

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I know it can be hard when you are going through something emotionally heavy, or don’t have the finances to create elaborate self care time, which is why I really love detox baths. They heal both our bodies and our minds. I think there is something beautiful about spending time in water, especially since our first “home” (our mom’s womb) was primarily made up of water. There is actually quite a bit of research about human’s biological link to bodies of water, starting with our time in the womb. Isn’t it so amazing how everything is so connected?This is a big reason I am a cheerleader for detox baths.

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Creating a detox bath is partly the ingredients to make the bath salts, but also the environment you create around the bath. Our brains make a lot of choices each day, which means they use up energy or sugar. When we overwhelm our brains with choices - things like scrolling through Instagram or Facebook - we are burning them out and using up our energy. When we take a detox bath, we want to lower the choices we need to make. Which means creating a peaceful environment and setting down our phones. Detox is all about letting go the things that do not serve us and resting.

You can turn on some instrumental music, turn on your diffuser, turn off the lights - whatever you need to limit distractions and create rest. Think of this as the emotional/mental detox part of the bath!

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Bath salt blends are easy to make and very affordable. All you need is some epsom salt, bentonite clay, jojoba oil (coconut oil would work well too), and essential oils. You could only add in the epsom salt if that is what your budget allows for, and still detox.

1 cup of epsom salt

¼ cup of bentonite clay

1 tablespoon of jojoba oil

2 drops geranium (great for your skin)

2 drops wild orange (mood booster)

2 drops of copaiba (cannabinoid)

A small handful of flowers (option)

Mix everything together in a glass bowl with a wooden or plastic utensil. Start your bath and add in as much or as little of the mixture as you want. I use the whole amount. Rest and relax.