Be Okay With Who You Are


Think of the flowers, do you ever see them comparing their petals to the petals of their neighbors? They grow and flourish with no thought of if they look like the other flowers around them. They absorb the good from the sun and the rain and then they unfold for everyone else to enjoy.

They say life is hard, but I say it isn’t. Allowing ourselves to go through our days with ease and security and practice self love, that’s what is hard. The world is full of lots of people who don’t know how to heal themselves but are desperately grasping to feel whole. You aren’t the only person who is learning to be okay with who you are. It’s funny in that way, we all share this common experience of wanting to feel seen, not alone - but we hide that journey away from others, which means we are hiding our whole selves too. Your mess, the things you try to hide are the things that will create connection and community.

So how do we learn to be okay with who we are? What does that even mean?

Being okay with who you are means accepting your human-ness. It means giving yourself the grace to fall short and fail and know your worth is not dependent on your productivity or popularity. You are seen, you are worthy, you are capable, and you are loved beyond measure because you are the only you. That’s it. All the universe asks of you is to know your inherent goodness and virtue.

“But, I’ve made a lot of mistakes - things I’m scared of sharing with someone else because I don’t want them to know that side of me,” you might say.

We all have. If you have stepped one foot in front of the other and lived, you have things in your past you want to leave there. Because you are human.

What will loving and accepting yourself give you? Think about it.

For some it gives them peace and assurance to keep pressing forward, for others it heals them of the trauma they experienced as a child. For everyone, it gives them the freedom to be who they are, bumps and bruises, and all.

I don’t believe there is one way to learn how to love yourself, but I do know it starts with showing yourself love. Just as the flowers bloom with no thought of who might be watching or if they look like all the other flowers, you begin to bloom when you start seeing yourself for everything you truly are and that’s when the beauty of being okay with yourself sets in.